Fundamentals of Microbiology, 11th Edition

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Pommerville's of Microbiology has done it again, as the easy choice for introductory microbiology was just made easier. Now with a new modern and intuitive design, a deeper focus on career application, and exciting new features, the Eleventh Edition has raised the bar for introductory microbiology textbooks.

Fundamentals of Microbiology is a true learning solution. Jeff Pommerville invites you to discover microbiology as no other author can, with his relatable examples and smooth style. Features such as Investigating the Microbial World, MicroInquiry, and Chapter Challenges are student-friendly resources designed to teach concepts and encourage practical application. Instructors will be pleased to find the framework of the text reflects the Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Microbiology as recommended by the American Society for Microbiology and also addresses the AAAS "Vision and Change" recommendations.

Table of Contents

PART I: Foundations of Microbiology
Chapter 1: Microbiology: Then and Now
Chapter 2: The Chemical Building Blocks of Life
Chapter 3: Concepts and Tools for Studying Microorganisms
Chapter 4: Structure and Organization of Prokaryotic Cells
Chapter 5: Microbial Growth and Nutrition
Chapter 6: Microbial Metabolism

PART II: The Genetics of Microorganisms
Chapter 7: Microbial Genetics
Chapter 8: Gene Transfer, Genetic , and Genomics

PART III: The Control of Microorganisms
Chapter 9: Control of Microorganisms: Methods and Chemical Agents
Chapter 10: Control of Microorganisms: Antimicrobial Drugs and Superbugs

Part IV: Bacterial Diseases of Humans
Chapter 11: Airborne Bacterial Diseases
Chapter 12: Foodborne and Waterborne Bacterial Diseases
Chapter 13: Soilborne and Arthropod-Borne Bacterial Diseases
Chapter 14: Sexually Transmitted and Contact Transmitted Bacterial Diseases

PART V: Viruses and Eukaryotic Microorganisms
Chapter 15: The Viruses and Virus-Like Agents
Chapter 16: Viral Infections of the Respiratory Tract and Skin
Chapter 17: Viral Infections of the Blood, Lymphatic, Gastrointestinal, and Nervous
Chapter 18: Eukaryotic Microorganisms: The Fungi
Chapter 19: Eukaryotic Microorganisms: The Parasites

PART VI: Interactions and Impact of Microorganisms with Humans
Chapter 20: The Host-Microbe Relationship and Epidemiology
Chapter 21: Resistance and the Immune System: Innate Immunity
Chapter 22: Resistance and the Immune System: Adaptive Immunity
Chapter 23: Immunization and Serology
Chapter 24: Immune Disorders and AIDS

PART VII: Environmental and Applied Microbiology
Chapter 25: Applied and Industrial Microbiology
Chapter 26: Environmental Microbiology

Appendix A: Metric Measurement and Temperature Conversion Chart
Appendix B: CDC Summary of Notifiable Diseases in the United States 2014
Appendix C: Pronouncing Organism Names
Appendix D: Answers to Self-Test Questions (Concept and Reasoning Check Answers; End-of-Chapter Question Answers; and Figure Question Answers)
Appendix E: Answers to Clinical Case, Investigating the Microbial World, and MicroInquiry Questions
Appendix F: Answers to Chapter Challenge Questions

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