Programming And Problem Solving With C++: Comprehensive, 6th Edition

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A Reorganized and Updated Edition of the Bestselling, Definitive C++ Text The bestselling Programming and Problem Solving with C++ is the single clearest and most comprehensive introduction to C++, object-oriented programming, and on the market. Accessible enough for beginning students, this text has been accepted by hundreds of colleges and universities around the world as a model text for the ACM/IEEE-recommended curricula for CS1 courses and for the Advanced Placement exam in computer science. Renowned author team Nell Dale and Chip Weems’s student-centered, pragmatic, and hands-on approach focuses on making even the most difficult concepts in computer science programming accessible to all students. Comprehensive and student-friendly, Programming and Problem Solving with C++, Sixth Edition remains the definitive text for introductory computer science programming courses. New and Key Features: - Contains new programming exercises and new, more student-friendly of material - Features strong pedagogical elements, including real-world case studies and highly relevant exercises that reinforce key concepts and build crucial skills - Introduces C++ language constructs in parallel with the appropriate theory so that students immediately realize practical applications - Every new printed copy of the text is packaged with full student access to Turing's Craft Custom CodeLab. Customized to match the of the text, CodeLab offers students hands-on C++ programming experience. The system immediately judges the correctness of typed in by students, and offers hints for building and improving coding skills - Ideally suited for bundling with A Laboratory Course in C++ (978-1-284-02590-3), a digital resource prepared by Nell Dale - Includes a full suite of ancillary resources including a complete source for students and instructors, PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, and a Test Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview Of Programming And Problem Solving
Chapter 2 C++ Syntax And Semantics, And The Program Development Process
Chapter 3 Numeric Types, Expressions, And Output
Chapter 4 Program Input And The Software Design Process
Chapter 5 Conditions, Logical Expressions, And Selection Control Structures
Chapter 6 Looping
Chapter 7 Additional Control Structures
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Scope, Lifetime, And More On Functions
Chapter 10 User-Defined Data Types
Chapter 11 Arrays
Chapter 12 Classes And Abstraction
Chapter 13 Array-Based Lists
Chapter 14 Data And Linked Lists
Chapter 15 Inheritance, Polymorphism, And Object-Oriented Design
Chapter 16 Templates, Operator Overloading, And Exceptions
Chapter 17 Introduction To Using The Standard Template Library
Chapter 18 Recursion

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  • Title: Programming And Problem Solving With C++: Comprehensive, 6th Edition
  • Author: ,
  • Length: 1068 pages
  • Edition: 6
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2013-03-20
  • ISBN-10: 1284028763
  • ISBN-13: 9781284028768
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